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If someone decided to determine the best cafes and restaurants in Vladimir, this list could be headed by the landmark for our city restaurant "Vladimir". Its doors to the first guests we opened in 1956, so that about a long history and traditions our team knows firsthand.

We offer:


And, of course,the menu, which is suitable for any occasions.

Rent of the Restaurant "Vladimir" will be ideal for celebrating large gatherings and events (weddings, anniversaries), and for the organization of small children's holiday (to do this you will be presented a special children's menu). It is also possible to order the restaurant of exit wedding ceremonies and other events that require luxurious surroundings, attentive service and experience in the reception of important guests.

Hotel "Vladimir" and the restaurant of the same name are a single complex. They are located in the historical center of the city. That’s why, if you are looking for good hotels, cafes and restaurants in Vladimir, with the plan to fully enjoy the beauty of our city, this place is perfectly suited for you.

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